Independent Sales Representatives

How to get started as an independent Sales Representative with Lost Empire Coffee Company

We work with people who love coffee and recognize a really great coffee when they taste it. Adventure. In a Cup.

1) Contact us by email and followup by purchasing a Lost Empire Coffee sampler package. 

The $59 Coffee Adventure Sampler Package is your only start-up expense.

Buying the Coffee Adventure Sampler Package shows that you are really interested and ready to sell great coffee.

Our Coffee Adventure Sampler package allows you to try a variety of great coffees.  The sampler package has (6) 8 oz bags of coffee. The varieties in the package are representative of our amazing fresh roasted coffees. This package is 3 lbs of coffee. It is enough coffee to start you off by tasting some great coffee yourself, enough to jump start things by holding a coffee party for friends and family and you may even have a few samples left to give to some prospective local coffee shop accounts. In short, it is enough to test out the idea of selling coffee for Lost Empire Coffee Company.

2) Sign our Sales Representative Agreement 

We will place you on our Reps list, email you pdf's of pricing and sales information. We will set up your Rep account and personal Rep login. We will send printed sales sheets, brochures and temporary business cards by post.

3) FREE Coffee Samples for your prospective wholesale accounts and coffee marketing events

Order free coffee samples for your leads online with your Rep account and a special discount code.

4) Sell coffee and place all your orders online, anytime, anywhere. Get paid on your sales once a month.

Sales Commission Program

1st $4000 in total sales each month has a 10% payout to you

Next $6000 in total sales each month has a 15% payout to you

Over $10,000 in total sales each month has a 20% payout to you

Commission payout % is the same for retail and wholesale accounts. 

Other Details:

Reps have access to the private side of the Lost Empire Coffee Club website to place orders, find information downloads and other materials.

Your wholesale accounts access the wholesale side through login and can place their own orders directly. You still get credit.